Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Terrific One


On the last day of school before Christmas break,

on a day declared "Pajama Day and Hat Day",

on a day LITERALLLY filled with Sugarplums,

on a day when it dropped down into the 20 degree range *Yeah, we still live in Florida*,

on a day characterized by the craziness of Christmas shopping and the chaos of Christmas gift wrapping and the consumption of Christmas goodies.

on a day when the Christ was omnipresent in our Christmas,

on a day when a NINETEEN day winter school break was overhead-looming,

We stopped.

And took a break.

To honor someone.

Someone who didn't just celebrate a Sixth birthday.

Someone who really does get all the love we can give.

Someone who really does get plenty of attention, just not the same kind of attention as another pirate on this ship to nowhere.

Yes, today we stopped, and we honored our Reilly the Red,

Who received her Terrific Kid Award in a ceremony at her school.

And since it was 'pajama day', she even got her picture taken wearing her pajamas!

We adore our Terrific Kid, Reilly the Red!

Good job, Baby Girl!  We are soooo proud of you!

(Now get your book report done that is due next week.  Chop Chop!)

I had to get that in there somewhere....  :-P


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