Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fa-La-La-La, La-La, LAH!


Our totally awesome and wonderful church has a couple of totally awesome and wonderful programs for our (and everyone else's of course) munchkin pirates.

One of them is called Graceland.

Yeah, I don't know the 'real' definition of it, but it's basically the Wednesday afternoon/early evening 'Sunday school' for kids.

Reilly the Red loves, loves, loves it, and has been attending regularly for years.

The Sparrow, however, has only been 'allowed' to attend for a little while.

I think about two years ago, we tried it one time, because he was soooooo jealous of his sister getting to go and he couldn't cuz he wasn't old enough and to him it sounded like heaven on earth when she talked about just cuz he hadn't gotten to experience it yet, but, alas, when I picked him up, I asked Miss Cindy:

"How did it go?"

She just smiled her Miss Cindy smile, and shook her head from side to side.

And then I asked,

"Is he allowed to come back?"

And she just smiled her Miss cindy smile, and shook her head from side to side, but this time she actually said the word, "NOOOOOOOO."

Yeah, welcome to Captain Jake Sparrow.


Since he's been in kindergarten this year, and he since he turns SIX next week, he's been going sporadically for the past couple of months.

Now, Reilly attends every single week, because she loves it, and because she has to go attend Handchime practice afterwards.


Today, the kids walked to a nearby nursing home, accompanied by a host of teenage and adult volunteers, to sing Christmas carols to the elder infirmed.

Reilly the Red has done this in years' past, and since she really and truly believes that her vocation in life is to be an American Idol, she will do anything that involves singing.

The Sparrow has recently been bitten by the, ahem, 'singing' bug.

It sounds more like screaming, but, the really kind people in church are calling him, 'enthustiastic' or 'spirit-filled', or 'so joyful'!

Which, really means he sucks at it.

But his heart is really in it, and honestly, he loves singing so much these days, that when he is home from school, it's like a freaking Broadway musical.

He sings his answers.

He sings his questions.

He sings his complaints.

He sings in the shower or bath for about 30 minutes, grabbing any and everything he can use as a microphone.


Today they went caroling, where he was going to use his newly discovered singing 'talent' to minister to those less fortunate during the Christmas season, just like we're 'spose to do.

When Two Swords picked our Caroling Pirates up from church this evening, he of course asked them, "So, how was the caroling?"

And Reilly the Red of course said,

"It was good. And we had hot chocolate afterwards. And Charles fell into a sticker bush on the way back to church and he got nineteen stickers in his hand but he didn't cry and then he tried attacking all of us with his pretend alien stickerbush hand. And Jake didn't know the words to Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Oh yeah, and Alexis saved Jake's life when he almost got attacked by a cactus."

And Two Swords said,


How do you get attacked by a cactus?

Yeah, never mind.

Jake? How did caroling go for you?"

And, in quintessential Sparrow fashion, with rolled eyes and disgusted, contorted, snarled lips and cheek muscles, mutters,

"Old people FREAK me out."

So much for ministering to the elder infirmed.



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