Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ginger Ale


Two Swords just put some burgers on the grill.

He came inside, and very loudly asked,


I would like to know,

WHO put a can of ginger ale

in the swimming pool?"

Reilly the Red: "NOT me!"

Hurricane Rojo: (cracking up, doubling over laughing) "NOT....ME!!! PHAAAA!"

Captain Jake Sparrow: "I DID! I DID! I DID!"

Two Swords (as if he hadn't known the answer to his previously rhetorical question, takes less than a millisecond to ask his follow-up)

"And WHY would you throw a can of ginger ale in the pool?"

Sparrow: "HOW did you KNOW I threw a can of ginger ale in the pool?"

Two Swords: "BE-CUZ, I was outside at the grill, and the pool was making a really bad noise, and I looked in the pool, and couldn't find anything in there and then looked in the skimmer and found a freaking can of ginger ale stuck in there! Now WHY was a can of ginger ale in the swimming pool?"

Sparrow: "Cuz. I shook it up. And there was a hole in it. And it started to explode and it was going all over the place so I just threw it in the pool."

Two Swords simply shakes his head.

Sparrow: "So whad jah do with my ginger ale?"

Two Swords: "I put it back in the fridge."

Sparrow: "Yeah, you shouldn't have done that, cuz it has a hole and it's leaking."

So now we have Captain Jake Sparrow telling us what we should or should not do.

What an awesome moral compass he is going to be.



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