Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just 'Broke'



New rule in the house - the young pirates are now required to clean up the table at suppertime, putting all items into the dishwasher that are supposed to go in there, and Hurricane washes all the pots and pans.

SIDENOTE: Hurricane is the requisite dish 'washer' in the family, regardless of whether or not she is the one who does the cooking of the meal. This is not because Two Swords is 'above' washing dishes. It's because washing dishes (and folding laundry) make his hands um, allegedly, 'rough'. Two Swords isn't a concrete guru or anything. Or a builder. Just saying.


This evening, Sparrow and Red are partaking in their new FAVORITE (ahem) chore.

There was no screaming.

There was no yelling.

There was no whining.

Not in this house.


I wish!

Of course there was screaming of the lambs, Clarice.

Of course there was.

But, above all the screaming, and slamming of dishes into the dishwasher, we have an award-winning "Frustrated Parental Dialogue of the Week!"

Captain Jake Sparrow walks into the living room carrying the 3 foot long spinner from the inside top of the dishwasher.

Sparrow:"DADDY! This just 'broke' off the dishwasher!"

Two Swords: (really mad, eyes rolling) "Really? THAT just 'broke' off the dishwasher?!?!?"

Sparrow: "Yes! It just 'broke'! It just 'fell off'!"

A very frustrated Two Swords, rising out of his recliner: "Really? It just 'fell off'? Really? I'm pretty sure it didn't."

Sparrow: "It did! It just 'fell off'. I was spinning it, and then I started spinning it really fast, and then I pulled it down, and then it just 'fell off', and then, and then, and then, it just, 'broke'."

Two Swords: (now fixing the dishwasher that just 'broke') - "R-IIIIII-G-H-T."

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  1. Oh, our boys must be related somewhere down the line. He pulled the whole rack out of ours the other day and "played" with the little wheels that keep it on track. Needless to say, it is no longer on track because I can't find 2 of the little wheels. *sigh* And he is only 3. What am I in for?