Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Not Wearing Any Pants


I tricked you.

This post is about Reilly the Red!


Yesterday was class picture day. Reilly the Red wore a beautiful peasant style blouse that went over her jeans, to about mid-thigh.

As she was getting dressed, she asked me if she had to wear pants.

"Yes. You have to wear pants."

"EEE-Unhhhhhhhh" was Eeyore's response.

She wore her jeans, and off she went.

Fast forward:

At the dinner table confessional, Reilly the Red said that she took her pants off, because she asked her teacher if she could, and her teacher said yes.

Needless to say, Reilly the Red had a rough evening.

She wasn't allowed to stay up and watch American Idol, since she disrespected her mother, disobeyed her mother, and manipulated her poor teacher.

Lucky for Reilly the Red, the leader of the free world decided to postpone American Idol for a day. So she gets another chance.

This morning, as she boarded the school bus, I hollered:


The other parent at the bus stop said, "Isn't she only SIX?"


"And you're having that problem ALREADY?"


He ran across the street to get away from me, for fear of the plague I might bring upon his house.

I love my children.

I love my children.

I love my children.



  1. I am laughing my butt off. Your daughter sounds a lot like my 4 year old.

  2. Ha! Just explain to her that as soon as she moves out she can spend as much time pantless as she wants.

  3. Justkim: To confirm, you have no children, right? Can you imagine if I told her that "as soon as you move out you can....." She would be packing her Hannah Montana bag with lipstick and glitter nail polish and making big plans.