Friday, February 6, 2009



Oh how I wish this episode were a lamentation on the ancient fork in the road conundrum.

Or a treatise on kitchen utensils discovered from an archealogical dig.

But alas, 'tis not.


The sins of the father (and the mother)....

Guess what Captain Jake Sparrow's word of the week is?


It is four letters.

It starts with an 'F'.

And it ends with a 'K'.

And it is most definitely NOT the word F-O-R-K.



  1. oh NO! I had the same problem. My little guy would sit in his car seat and *whisper* f**K. with the emphasis on the K at the end. I about crapped myself. He said it the way I always did, under my breath-thinking he couldn't hear it! Boy was I wrong.

  2. My daughter used to say SH*t when she dropped things out of her crib. We would sit and listen to her on the baby monitor and just laugh....