Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Hangover



Several months ago, we were treated to a visit from our St. Louis peeps, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Kelly.  We visited them back in 2009 during our 'round the world in 40 days BIG TRIP', (Revisit them in Tending Bar and Motorcade ).

Anyhoo, we headed out for lunch at a Bubba's Catfish House here in Clermont.  YUMMMM-O.

Image result for bubba's catfish house clermont florida

All of us were hankering for some seafood.

Except, of course.....

The Tweenager formerly known as Captain Jake Sparrow.

Let's just call him JAKE for now.

He doesn't like seafood.  Actually, he DOES like seafood, he just THINKS he doesn't.  Does this mentality ring a bell?  Yeah, he's still the Captain.

So we talked him into ordering some popcorn shrimp and mac n cheese.  He liked the sound of popcorn shrimp because he eats several bags of popcorn EVERY SINGLE DAY.

We chit chat for awhile, munch on some conch fritters, Jake becomes the center of attention, because, well, he's like the sun in his own galaxy.  He doesn't do it on purpose.  It just IS.

Food arrives.  And it was just as YUMMMMO as expected.

Big Bad Dad and I are curious to see what Jake thinks of the popcorn shrimp.

He took one of the shrimp, and DOUSED it in cocktail sauce, then put it in his mouth.

I knew that "Somethin' Bad About Ta Happen", because I KNEW that he THOUGHT that he was dousing his shrimp in....KETCHUP.

Image result for cocktail sauce popcorn shrimp


He took one big bite, and his eyes popped out of his head, Muppet-style, he coughed, he gulped some water, his eyes were blinking, he swallowed, and he said:

"What the HECK kind of KETCHUP is THIS?"

I think it was Reilly who said, "Dude, it's not ketchup.  It's cocktail sauce."

Oh buoy.

And then the drama started.


"I'm not feeling so good."

"I think I'm drunk,"

"Dad, is this what it feels like when you drink a lot of beers?"



"I'm hammered."

"I think I have a hangover."

We all let this go on for several minutes, as the word 'cocktail' caused the hypochondria that was nothing but ketchup + horseradish in Jake's mouth.

Finally, Uncle Kelly had to end it.  I was kinda sad, cuz this was wayyyyyy too funny to end.

Uncle Kelly:  "Jake, do you know what the word 'cocktail' means?"

Drunk Jake:  "Beer."

Uncle Kelly:  "No.  It means a 'mixture' of things."

Drunk Jake:  "I don't think so.  I'm pretty sure it means I'm drunk and I have a hangover."



  1. Next time tell him it's a conglomerate sauce, and see if he thinks he's rich afterwards.


  2. Sometimes I don't tell him, cuz I like to ride his Crazy Train into his station.