Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Return of Team Fallon


I'm baaaaaaaaack.

It's been awhile, as the song says.

Lots has happened.

No surprise there, If you know anything about Team Fallon, and of course, since none of us four would know a secret if it walked up and shook our hands, thIen you old fans already know allllllll that's happened.  But if there are any newbies out there, I'll get y'all caught up.

MOST importantly -


It wasn't easy.  We didn't do it alone.  It could have been a lot worse.  But all that matters is, we are now at the two year post-remission checkup, and Billy's numbers have NEVER been better.  There is no sign of the Hairy Cells anywhere in his body.  And the Oncologist doesn't seem to think that will change at anytime in the "near" future.  Leukemia is weird.  Like, they say you're in remission, but, that you'll always have leukemia.  I used to be smarter, but even then I would have had a tough time grasping it.  So I just hold on to the percentages. I'm kind of a statistic geek.  Like, there's a 92% chance that the Hairy Cells will NOT return in the next 10 years.  Those are awesome odds.  Because if a baseball player hit the ball 92% of the time?  Well, that means he'd be batting .920.  And that's darn near impossible.  So I'm thrilled with the 92%.  We all are.  Cancer changed Billy, in many ways. I think it changes him daily.  Some good, some not so good.  But all that matters is that he's still here. And we can ONLY be grateful for that.

One more thing before I tie up this mini-update:

We're not pirates anymore.

Ok, you can stop crying now,

We've all grown into different phases of new nicknames.

The Captain will ALWAYS be a Captain, of something.  And he'll always be The Spawn, Buckshot, and Janice.  Lately, his father and I will refer to him when texting each other as:  YOUR BOY.  As in, "you ain't gonna believe what YOUR BOY did today.'

Reilly the Red is currently red as a lobster, but she's also known as Thundercalves, Run Reilly Run, Faster Fallon Faster, Foulin' Fallon, Ralph, personal favorite....The Alien Teenager Formerly Known As My Daughter.

Oh yeah.  We are in the throes of adolescence.  Many, many, many, stories to come in that department.

Two Swords?  Doesn't do much swordfighting lately.   Maybe because one of his children is taller, faster, and ALMOST stronger.  ALMOST.  So he pretty much declared himself BBD, or, Big Bad Dad.  Cuz, he's all three, really. Me and the kids call him Grumpy McGrumperson.   His buddies call him The Waffler.  You'll soon learn why.

Me?  I'm pretty much just plain Red.  When I'm not being "MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!"

Life as Team be continued.



  1. I was VERY happy to see this post in my RSS feeds yesterday morning !

  2. Thanks Scalawag. Just posted another one. The sun has come out.