Friday, July 1, 2016

Silly String



Team Fallon has a tradition of whipping out Silly String on birthdays and special occasions.  Reilly's 14th birthday party on the lake was no exception.  When I handed over a case of Silly String to a few of the boys and said "Have at it, everyone's fair game, but you HAVE to get Reilly FIRST."  They looked at me in open-mouthed shock, thinking I was either the craziest or the coolest Mom in the universe or a bit of both, until I nudged my head to where Reilly was standing, and then the 2016 Silly String War was ON!  It was, as always, AWE-SOME, DUDES.

Unbelievably, a few cans of Silly String remained long after the party was over.

Fast forward 4 days and 15 minutes ago.

All I heard was a high pitched vampire-like scream, and a Ferocious Fourteen year old lowering the vampire voice to that of a wolverine as she bellowed, "YOU LITTLE Bxxxx!!!!!", followed by the slamming of the front door.

Whence Ferocious Fallon reentered the domicile, I asked in a normal tone of voice,

"Lemme guess.  Jake came in the house and sprayed you with Silly String?"

Ferocious:  YEAH!  And, he did it IN THE HOUSE!

Wise, wise Mom:  Hmmmmmm.  And he was unprovoked?

Ferocious:  Well....

Wise, wise Mom: (waiting ever so patiently)

Ferocious:  I sprayed him first.......but I did it OUTSIDE!!!!  I would NEVER do it in the house, MOM!

Wise, wise Mom hath decided to call this one a draw.  Even though Reilly started it, and used an expletive and should be punished, and Jake should be punished for spraying Silly String in da house...  I'm silently exploding with glee inside that Jake is FINALLY fighting back at the 8 or so years of bullying he hath endured at the hands of Ferocious.

Yeah, I'm a A Bad Mom.  A Real Bad Mom.


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