Monday, February 7, 2011

Hostess Extraordinaire - Mermaidelicious



My dang team lost.



There is/was some silver lining.

I have to my girl her props.

My BSILF - (Best Sister In Law Forever), Mermaidelicious.....

Interior Designer

Most awesomest crafter, she could win a Martha Stewart throwdown.

Fashion Consultant

Wife of my bro - (I think this one deserves the Nobel Peace Prize personally)


Hostess Extraordinaire.

When this chiquita throws a party, she THROWS a party!

So here's all the pics from the glorious (ahem) event.

Oh, and by the way.....

At all of her extraordinarilicious parties, but most particularly the Steeler ones, she replaces all of her usual hanging wall art, picture frames,etc., and replaces them with her husband's vast collection of Steeler nostalgia! Just for one day! And then she puts all her other stuff up a day later!

I know, RIGHT?

Hostess Extraordinaire!

Enjoy the show!

(And yes, the black and gold cupcakes were just as scrumptious as they look.  Black and gold cupcakes!  Gotta love this girl!  Ya just gotta!)  Reilly the Red helped with the sprinkles.  Actually, she was the Sous Hostess Extraordinaire for most of the afternoon!

And here's our girl!  Making her 'bets' before kickoff, and kicking back and enjoying the fruits of her very hard labor!

Autographed by Rocky Bleier, just so you know..........

Two Swords is wearing this shirt.  He grew up a Cowboy fan.  He converted.  It was in our wedding vows.

Uncle Two Fisted Chris, in control of the 'pot'.  Gotta love the old school helmet!

If you don't know who the dudes in this picture are, or the meaning of, well, I can't help you.  Really, I can't.

Hello.  I'm pretty sure you know who THIS lunatic is.  Wearing my Lambert '76-'77 commemmorative jersey that my awesome bro got me for Christmas!

And no football post of mine would be complete without the Sparrow wearing 'Stick 'em'.  (or, in his case, um, black eyeliner)  He wouldn't let us take it off - he wanted to 'wear' it to school today to show all his 'pals'.  Too funny! 

Well.  There ya have it.

No more football posts for awhile.


Hopefully I'll come up with something else to talk about.

I can't imagine what it could be..........




  1. I think the party looks awesome. She is a great hostess for sure. I am sure jake will give you plenty to talk about lol.

  2. You are most welcome, Mermaidelicious. Thanks for the hospitality. And the eleventy cupcakes that I devoured, too!