Tuesday, February 8, 2011




Today, I have been joined at Casa de Chaos by the Captain.

He's a bit under the weather.

No worries - just a mild fever, cough, yucky nose.

Not another shiner or a school suspension or anything.

Today, at least.


He's sittin' in his 'hole' in Daddy's chair, watching 'kid shows'.

And of course, on this particular channel, all the commercials are actually INFOmercials, for kid products.

Some crap like bracelets or slime or headbands, where you buy one, and you get not just one, but TWO, and blah blah and a fruit juicer or an extra crayon or something.

So a lot of the time, when he says, "Hey, can we get those Bandaroos (or whatever the hell they're called)?", I just usually say, 'sure', or 'no', or 'mmmm', or ignore him completely.

But today was unusual.

Today, was an infomercial for some cookie press thingamajig, which makes cookies and brownies (allegedly) into all sorts of shapes and sizes.

And of course I was NOT paying attention.

And the Sparrow says, "MOM!  CAN WE GET THAT?"

And I say, "Get what?"

And he says, "That cookie press thing and we get not just one but TWO in case we break one."

And I mumbled, "Hmmm."

And then, hacking like an emphysema patient, feverish as can be, he whips his head around to where I am standing and he says:

"But MOM! - They are DISHWASHER SAFE!"


Now THAT is the deal sealer for sure...


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