Thursday, June 3, 2010

New and Improved


Reilly the Red saw that I had posted her "One-Eyed Reilly" photo on the blog last week.

In her infinite, mature-beyond-her-years, wisdom, she remarked to me that "people need to know that I'm okay, Mom.  Can you put a picture up of me, from like, NOW?"

Of course, she is absolutely right.  These photos were taken yesterday.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family, far and near, prayer warriors and bloggers, allow me to introduce a very wet, very happy, most healed,

Reilly Nicole Fallon!

Just for the record, for all you concerned citizens.....she did not get hurt.

And.....she will return to the hospital in a few weeks for a follow up scan to ensure that all of the bones in her face and her skull have properly healed.

We have no reason to doubt that they have.

Just look at her!



  1. Thanks be to God! She is so beautiful and happy!

  2. Beautiful girl! Praise God she's ok. :)

  3. Aww, I love the pictures Rojo!! DId you see my post from the other day. Maybe 3 or 4 posts back I wrote about you ;) Check it out if you have time.

  4. YAY!

    Ok. so what actually happened to her? You never really said.

  5. Gosh. I guess I never did, did I?
    Well, when she was on Spring Break, she had a daddy-daughter day. One of their favorite things to do is ride in the golf cart. We have always had a golf cart. On this particular day, for whatever reason, she wasn't sitting properly (her admission) and she wasn't paying attention (her contention), and she fell out of the golf cart, landed on the right side of her head, and then BOUNCED and smacked the left side of her head, causing the three skull fractures and road rash. My husband was not speeding, was not driving erratically, and was not cited by the police department. It was a horrible, horrible accident. We did not know, however, that these accidents are extremely common in Florida, as we heard all about it from every nurse, doctor, tech, radiologist, etc. about how many kids they see each week in the children's hospital. For the record, seat belts for the golf cart have been ordered.... Sorry I wasn't clear on what happened - it was such a confusing time....

  6. Wow. Well, glad she wasn't "seriously" hurt, though that sounds pretty serious enough for me. Glad she's on the mend.