Thursday, February 11, 2010

People Like You


Sometime during yesterday's Fight Card, Reilly the Red decided to, um....mentor her little brother.

She used her time wisely, and tried to use words he would understand.

Like, "Jake you are so STUPID!"

Well, I put a stop to that sort of nonsense.

I encouraged her to use her own experiences to potentially assist him in overcoming his own inadequacies.

She was confused.

I casually reminded her of the worst sin she has ever committed in her life thus far.

She went, "Oh.", and blushed, and put her head down.

(Sorry, but we promised her we would never put it on the blog, and well, a promise is a promise......)

So she went back to her 'mentoring' of Jake.

Reilly the Red: "Jake. There is a special place for people like you."

The Sparrow: "What do you mean?"

Reilly the Red: "For kids. It's a place that really sucks and the food is terrible and you have to sleep on the floor and if you don't stop biting people, Daddy's friend Deputy Tim is going to come and get you and put you in there."

A beginning to be frightened Sparrow: "What kinda place?"

Reilly the Red: "It's for people like you.

It's called,



  1. Hilarious. I love it. She is going to be quite the Mom huh?? Adorable.

  2. I love her! I don't think Jake is going to be able to get away with very much with Reilly as his big sister!

  3. least she loves him enough to be straight with him.