Sunday, August 24, 2014


I've been remiss in posting since THE CANCER.  A lot A LOT a lot has happened.  I promise to bring y'all up to speed.  Just read....

Wow.  Trying to chill after a 24 hour marathon. 

1).BBD returned after a week of building House of Waffle and asked me to 
Lunch date at Burgercraft. (GO TO THERE, my friends.  Their fries are worth a drive from Titusville to Clermont.)

2). Agonizing Budgetary Meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Ugh.

3). 5 super awesome and beautiful Tween and Teen young ladies with long, long legs and long, long, long, flowing hair descended upon our domicile to run their daily dose of 5 miles in 117 degree heat index (aka AUGUST: LAKE COUNTY) in the cross country terrain that is the woods behind us and the lake in front.  LOVE THOSE GIRLS!!!

4).  Bumpy readjustment to Big Bad Dad being home and uber disappointment that we couldn't "watch" our boy pitch last night but could only wait for the box scores to refresh every 90 seconds. Whew!  Shouldn't have doubted #61yankee. #shanegreenegrewupinmydriveway

4).  Pizza for breakfast, BBD played in the garage with Janet's innards all day while all my awesome housecleaning was leveled by kids and cats and dog and cats and kids. #soundslikelifetome

5).  4 hour solo attack on 3 grocery stores in an attempt to meet our new food budget.  Unsuccessful - I went over by $7.36.  I need to be sent back to TCCO Cost Camp Meridith Simeone!

6).  The Tween has another suitor besides The Tweenaged DREAMY!  An overly friendly #whereshoppingisapleasure employee...LOVES my 12 year old daughter.  I thought he was 15 (dating is out of the question, young man)...but, no.  CREEPY MCCREEPERSON is NINETEEN!!! (Dear God, thank you soooooo much for her beauty, but even more so for her SPEED!). Run Reilly, Runnnnnn!!!

7). The tree frog that has been squawking at 730 pm every night from some unidentifiable location inside our home jumped and squawked out of my "green" grocery bags onto another customer!  SCREAMY, and her friend SCREAMIER, freaked out, I thought, justifiably, from a tree frog jumping on them at Aldi.  Oh no, never that simple.  They had to contain him and make sure he was okay and give him some water and put him outside in the grass, and they were deeply offended by my insensitivity to....ANIMALS.  Oh buoy.  Enjoy the REPTILE, laydeeeze.  So glad that croaker is gone!

8).  Got home, kids emptied my over budget groceries, BBD making supper, and I....jumped into the pool....with...all my clothes ON!  The pool water was 95 degrees.  Why waste a shower?  Jake came careening from inside to ask me if I was "drunk or....on somethin'?"  No and no.  Recurring theme and foreshadowing here - LAKE COUNTY, AUGUST.

9).  Aahhhhh.  Most excited when BBD proposed, "Wanna go on a nighttime boat ride?"  Heck ya!  Woohoo!  Some of my most favoritest of redneck peeps - eight boats wide, having an amazing time, singing my favorite songs, two kids safe at home, close enough I could swim home if need be, but no, I wouldn't need to...

40 minutes later.....


Cell phones start blowing up.
Emergency disembarkation.

10).  Run Reilly Run is vomiting, has a severe headache above and behind her left eye, you know, the head and the eye from the Ginormous Skull Fracture Episode of 2010? Wait, what?  You "bumped" heads with Porter at PE on THURSDAY as you both went for a soccer header?  Wait, what?  You don't remember what happened after that?  Wait, what?  And 20 minutes later you commenced a 5k atop the highest hill in Clermont in LAKE COUNTY, AUGUST?????  What was yesterday?  You don't remember?  Reilly, how many eyes do I have?  "Three?"  Correct.  I just sprouted a third eyeball.


Our neighbors are an RN and a Paramedic.  They came over in their Jammies.  

My hard headed and soft brained daughter will live to see another day.
Mild concussion?  Probably.
Headache at the old injury site?  Expected.
Running 10 miles in two days after a "double" soccer header?  Stupid.
Running tomorrow?  Um, No.

It's 3:30 A.M. and I am still going.  Waking DOUBLEHEADER up every hour or so just to be safe.

Heather Fallon's Humira treatments are.....WORKING.  
Without them - my 24 hours would have ended at Burgercraft.

God is good.  All the time.

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