Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Over the weekend, Two Swords and I did NOT go to warehouse clubs and very inexpensive stores buying off brand canned goods in order to save money as our financial crisis impedes on doom.

I did NOT express to him that I did not like buying some of these off brands because I did NOT want our kids growing up thinking they were poor.

He did NOT exclaim, 'Well, if we are NOT poor, then THEY are not poor!"


We came home, and did NOT spend several hours over the next few days organizing our stockpile of food between two fridges and freezers, and cabinets galore.

It was NOT my responsibility to put the Jimmy Dean Sausage stockpile in the outside freezer, along with bacon and assorted cheeses.

Last night, as I traipsed into the kitchen for my midnite 'GoGurt' snack, two pounds of FROZEN TO THE CORE Jimmy Dean Sausage did NOT fall on my head.


And I did NOT scream out in horrible pain.


And NO one came to my rescue.

Once I recovered from my near fatal head-injury in the middle of the night, I did NOT remember that I did NOT put the Jimmy Dean Sausage in the HOUSE freezer.


Upon returning to the bedroom, I did NOT reveal my suspicions to Two Swords that he was NOT trying to kill me by reason of frozen Jimmy Dean Sausage.

He did not laugh.

Oh no he did not.

He did not guffaw.


He giggled.


  1. Death by sausage huh? Not a good

  2. So if the frozen block of sausage falls on your head, does that mean you get out of making dinner? :o)