Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sammy and the Spiderman Pirate?


Here are some pics of Captain Jake Sparrow visiting his favorite cousin Sammy in the hospital recently.

Sammy has recovered quite nicely and the two of them enjoyed their visit.

After our nice visit, and sporting a very fancy Faux-Hawk....

The Captain spotted a pirate ship on the playground at the Children's Hospital.....

Why does it always come back to piracy in this family?


Saturday, May 30, 2009



I created a diversion for the pirates today. I had purchased this online bargain ($19.99!!!) months ago. And decided today would be a great day to introduce it, to keep the kids 'occupied'. I am so smart sometimes it scares me. But I digress.

Yes, indeed.

Today, I built a pirate ship.

With my own two hands, and forty-two screws. Even though there were forty-three screws in the box.

To think, in the past year, I learned how to play handbells (even though I can't read a note of music and Bell Goddess Miss Rita has to color code my notes for me), became a level 3 MASTER scrapbooker (this can be verified by Dr. Crop), started a blog, developed a more laissez-faire attitude by sometimes allowing my children to have ice cream for breakfast on Saturdays, and well, heckfire, me built a damn pirate ship!


Surrender the BOOTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me's got a HOOK for an ARM!

Shiver ME Timbers!

All I have to say is........

Where's the RUM?


Friday, May 29, 2009

Photojournalism by Reilly


This is a photojournalistic essay that Reilly the Red took a few months ago at her grandparents' campground.

She used my Sony SLR (with permission!), and this is what she came up with.

So she's not only an author and an illustrator, she's a heck of a good photographer.

Not bad for six.

If I may say so myself!


Thursday, May 28, 2009



Well, we're back to poop again.

I guess it's inevitable.

I mean, I have a four year old boy.

And I have an illness that causes me to...ummmmm....poop.....a lot.

So I guess it's a time/space/poop continuum on some level.


I started feeling better, and woke up one morning and announced to Billy Two Swords that we were going to demolish our bedroom, and finally complete our Extreme Makeover-Fallon Edition.

He thought I was insane.

He did, however, acquiesce.

Our bed is now in the den.

Our den furniture is now in the garage.

Our bedroom looks like Nagasaki.

Since I'm temporarily losing a few closets, there are bags and boxes and scrapbook crap everywhere.



The kids are totally freaked out.

Clearly they have recovered from our last major renovation, three years ago, and don't quite know how to adapt to a few weeks of renovation-reality/chaos.

So I came up with this brilliant idea this evening. I have those on occasion.

I told the kids they could lay in our bed, in the den, and watch "Hotel for Dogs" until bedtime.

Movies are usually reserved for the weekend. But....the Rolandoh Magic are about to sweep King James.....and Billy Two Swords has earned a quiet evening in front of the big screen. (Quiet, except for the profane screaming he will engage in with the referees for the next four hours).

I digress.

So the kids are in the bed, and I put the movie in.

And then I went to the bathroom.

And closed the door.


And here it comes.


I know exactly what he wants.


I am ignoring him.


Still ignoring him.


Finally, I scream back at the top of my lungs, through the closed bathroom door:



"I am going to the BATHROOM!"


"Reilly is almost seven years old and is perfectly capable of pushing PLAY!"

And the Captain responded:

"She says she's comfy, and doesn't want to get up."


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is my mini-me.

Since she was born, everyone has always said that we look alike, but honestly,

I never saw it as completely as I do in this picture.

We have the same eyes, the same eyelashes, the same nose, the same shape of head, the same hair, and the same mouth.

And when I say we have the same mouth, well, we have the same mouth and we have the same mouthINESS.

Like mother like daughter.

Although she is so much prettier than me. She definitely gets that from Two Swords.

I couldn't love her any more.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Me Monday courtesy of MckMama!

I did NOT spend 10 days in the hospital last week.

I have NOT since experienced a near miraculous recovery.

In the meantime, I am NOT prescribed a whole host of prescription drugs, most of which end in AZEM or IUM, if you get my drift.

I am absolutely NOT certifiably insane.

Since my near miraculous recovery, I have NOT been hopping around like a bunny, tackling huge projects around the house.

On this wonderfully sunny Memorial Day, I did NOT tell my husband that we are demolishing our master suite today.

I did NOT incite a massive movement of furniture around the house.

We will NOT be living in our den whilst our house becomes another edition of Extreme Makeover - Fallon Edition.

I did NOT feel like I was dying six short days ago.

NO way.

Did NOT happen.

NOT to me.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday courtesy of MckMama!

This past week, I was NOT in the hospital.

I was NOT under the influence of mind altering drugs.

And I absolutely did NOT,

under any circumstance,

at any point,

during my hospital stay,

ask my mother to,



NOT me.

NO way.

Did NOT happen.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just Checking


So I'm back from my repose.

I am not better, but I am back.

One step at a time.

One hug at a time.

One prayer at a time.

One snuggle at a time.

As Captain Jake Sparrow and I are were nestled on the couch last night, me in my kerchief, he with his brand new buzz-cut, I noticed that one of the Captain's hands had gone beneath my shirt.

"Captain? Whacha looking for?"

Sparrow: "Your boobie."

"Captain? Why are you looking for that?"

Sparrow: "Cuz, I was just checking to make sure you still had yours. I was just checking, Mom."

Again, his father is unabashedly proud.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rule Breaker


Nope, not the Captain.

It's me this time.

I am breaking a rule.

I promised that this blog would always be uplifting.

But I need the prayers of my blog friends.

I come before you humbly, and meekly with my prayer request.

Hello friends.

You may have been praying for me recently as I enter unchartered waters with my Crohn's Disease.

I am writing to let you know the latest information, as well as to ask you to continue to pray for me, Billy, Reilly, and Jake.

As most of you know, I have been experiencing a heightened state of disease the past 30 days, with symptoms that now include lymph node involvement, two ovarian cysts, excruciating pain, and a 'mass' on my kidney.

Today I had a digital capsule study, which was supposed to entail a 360 degree picture of my entire digestive tract.

My doctor phoned me an hour ago to inform me that in addition to having a significant exacerbation of my disease, I have an obstruction between my stomach and small intestine, and that the digital capsule got 'stuck'.

I will be having an abdominal x-ray in the morning to determine the extent of the blockage.

An emergency surgery to correct the obstruction is probable.

As you can imagine, we are obviously concerned and leery, but comforted in our faith, family, church, and friends.

We know that God is at the helm, and He will ultimately be glorified.

Thank you for your love, and the armor of protection that you have shielded us with.

Either Billy or myself, or a friend will continue to keep you updated.

Faithfully yours,



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shaken and Stirred


Yesterday, Captain Jake Sparrow grabbed my black low-cut bra, put it on, and went OUTSIDE and did an Irish Jig in front of his father and the air-conditioning repairman.

MR A/C Guy: What the HECK is going on with that kid?

Two Swords: (shaken and stirred) Yeah, I dunno.

Needless to say, Two Swords was so embarrassed that he told the Captain 'NO BRAS FOR YOU!"

The Captain said, 'But I LIIIIIIKE brawls!"

Two Swords: "Bras are for GIRLS!"

The Captain said, "But I like them because they have boobies in them."

To which Two Swords muttered something under his breath.

I think it was: "Thank you, God."


Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday courtesy of MckMama!


First of all: MckMama - I am so NOT glad that you are back.

Now, down to business.

I have NEVER said, "Fallons do NOT cry."

I have NEVER said, "Yeah, I am NOT a weeper."

The mantra in our home is NOT:


Fallons are held to a higher standard

Deal with it

There is no crying!

It is acceptable to cry only when you are bleeding or afire.

I have NEVER prided myself on my innate ability to hold back the tears.

Billy Two Swords has NEVER accused me of being born withOUT tear ducts.

Billy Two Swords has NEVER accused me of having ice water course through my veins.


NOT me.

So yesterday, at a rather uneventful Sunday church service, I did NOT slobber for an entire hour.

I have NOTHING going on in my life that would cause me to regress into weepy, slurpy, crybaby toddlerhood.


NOT me.

My mascara was NOT running down my face.

I did NOT have a tissue, therefore I did NOT wipe my nose on Captain Jake Sparrow's shirt.

Seven people at church did NOT tell me, "You do NOT look like crap."

And some of my friends did NOT tell me, "Suck it up. You're a Fallon."


Did NOT happen.

NO way.