Saturday, May 30, 2009



I created a diversion for the pirates today. I had purchased this online bargain ($19.99!!!) months ago. And decided today would be a great day to introduce it, to keep the kids 'occupied'. I am so smart sometimes it scares me. But I digress.

Yes, indeed.

Today, I built a pirate ship.

With my own two hands, and forty-two screws. Even though there were forty-three screws in the box.

To think, in the past year, I learned how to play handbells (even though I can't read a note of music and Bell Goddess Miss Rita has to color code my notes for me), became a level 3 MASTER scrapbooker (this can be verified by Dr. Crop), started a blog, developed a more laissez-faire attitude by sometimes allowing my children to have ice cream for breakfast on Saturdays, and well, heckfire, me built a damn pirate ship!


Surrender the BOOTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me's got a HOOK for an ARM!

Shiver ME Timbers!

All I have to say is........

Where's the RUM?


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