Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday courtesy of MckMama!


First of all: MckMama - I am so NOT glad that you are back.

Now, down to business.

I have NEVER said, "Fallons do NOT cry."

I have NEVER said, "Yeah, I am NOT a weeper."

The mantra in our home is NOT:


Fallons are held to a higher standard

Deal with it

There is no crying!

It is acceptable to cry only when you are bleeding or afire.

I have NEVER prided myself on my innate ability to hold back the tears.

Billy Two Swords has NEVER accused me of being born withOUT tear ducts.

Billy Two Swords has NEVER accused me of having ice water course through my veins.


NOT me.

So yesterday, at a rather uneventful Sunday church service, I did NOT slobber for an entire hour.

I have NOTHING going on in my life that would cause me to regress into weepy, slurpy, crybaby toddlerhood.


NOT me.

My mascara was NOT running down my face.

I did NOT have a tissue, therefore I did NOT wipe my nose on Captain Jake Sparrow's shirt.

Seven people at church did NOT tell me, "You do NOT look like crap."

And some of my friends did NOT tell me, "Suck it up. You're a Fallon."


Did NOT happen.

NO way.



  1. I would fail miserably in your family! Whenever I get mad, I cry. I'm not a yeller, I'm a cryer! It's rather annoying, actually. You wish you could yell at somebody, but you are too busy "blubbering in your buttermilk" as my Grandaddy used to say.

  2. "Chin up" was our motto growing up.

    I am hoping whatever caused the (NOT) crying (really does) work out soon.

  3. I occassionally DO NOT have weepy days. Sometimes it's just what I DIDN'T need, ya know? I would email ya but I don't see your address here anywhere dear. Maybe its im my email from your comment. I will go check!

  4. And I thought it was all the wrong notes I played on the piano that brought you to tears. But seriously, where else would you rather cry? You are in my prayers today!