Sunday, November 21, 2010




The Sparrow succesfully concluded his first attempt at team sports - TEE BALL!

This morning was the last game for Number 7, aka "Buckshot".

Batting 7th, Number 7, Jake "Buckshot" Fallon!

If we compare his current baseball skillset to those he had yet to learn on the FIRST day of practice, then, heckfire that boy is headed for Cooperstown!

I won't brag too much.

There's no question he was NOT the best player on the team, but he was most definitely NOT the worst player on the team either.

Today, was his last game of the fall season as a Chattanooga Lookout.


"It's all yours, tough guy!  YOUR ball!"

"Yay Buckshot!"  Throw to first base!  Woohoo!

So cute when his coach picks him up to line his feet up!

(Photo credit to the Great Uncle Chris)

"Way to Mash that ball, Buckshot!" - (Photo Credit to the Great Uncle Chris)
"And he's safe at first, with two runs batted in....  Woohoo!"

 Actually, that's what we WOULD be saying of the teams kept score.  And perhaps if the coaches actually called batters 'out'!  But this is my blog, and I'm using my creative licensing to tell it MY way!

 Coaches and Teammates - Jake is in the middle of the front row (photo credit to Awesome Uncle Chris)

And now, I just tucked in a very sleepy little Lookout, who says he is having he "Best Weekend Eh=VAH!", and who is tightly snuggled up with his very first trophy, and a cool little bobblehead trophy at that!

We are already so excited about what our baseball life shall have for us in the spring!

All four of us have thoroughly enjoyed watching our son physically excel while developing his hand/eye coordation.

And Two Swords and I have giggled as we have enjoyed our newly 'developing' daughter suddenly garner lots and lots and (did I say 'lots'?) lots of very sweet attention from lots and lots and lots and lots of baseball boys, and baseball brothers and baseball cousins.  She has taken all the attention in stride, and keeps that nose of hers in a big 'ole Chapter Book!

And I don't know how they did it, as miracles never cease if you just BELIEVE, but someway, somehow, these three super awesome coaches and dads, SOMEHOW either skilled him or tricked Jake into focusing enough to play baseball - to respond to the crack at the bat, to throw to first base if it was your played ball, to be a true sportsman even if you can't say about others around you.....just a few in the litany of "I know how to play baseball" hypothesis/proof/theroem......

It's been loads of fun.....can't wait to see him continue to grow in doing something that he loves.



  1. And don't forget - tee ball can be important training for learning how to crack skulls!

  2. I miss the days of elastic band baseball pants! So precious!