Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Got.......TOLD


It's been awhile.

Sorry bout that.

No, the pirate ship has not capsized, nor been set ablaze.

In fact, it's been rather smooth sailing for we buccaneers lately.

But alas, that's another story for another day.





And since I'm the one who usually does all the telling, I must surrender on those very rare (AHEM) occasions when someone, anyone, tells ME.


At the mess hall this evening, Reilly the Red proclaimed that she had finally decided (!) what she was going to be when she grows up.

The following dialogue will remain among the logs of Fallon Piracy for all eternity:

Rojo, aka, MOTHER:  Really?  What?

Reilly, aka, TEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER:  I'm going to be a lawyer.

Rojo:  Oh yeah?  What kind of lawyer do you want to be?  Prosecutor?  Defense Attorney?  Child Advocate?  Environmental, aka LIBERAL lawyer?

Reilly:  I want to be the kind of lawyer that you said had lots and lots of really pretty, expensive shoes.

Rojo:  That would be any kind of lawyer, especially if you're a chick.

Reilly:  So what kind of lawyer should I be.

I then gave her a download of how the whole justice system worked, and we went as high as the Supreme Court justices, etc.

And then Reilly said, "I wanna be a lawyer, cuz, everybody needs a doctor and a lawyer, right Mom?"


Reilly:  Cuz, well we have doctors and a lawyer, right?

Rojo:  Yes, yes, we do.  The BEST as a matter of fact.

Reilly:  Yeah.

Rojo:  Yeah.

Reilly:  Oh, and one more thing we need, is a construction worker.

Rojo:  No, I don't need a construction worker, I married one.

Reilly:  That doesn't count.

And then I got stupid. I had to go and raise the ante. Dang.  Note to self - go back and read The Art of War again.  Cuz, I went into battle without any ammo.


Rojo:  WAIT!  I was a construction worker!  I WAS!

Reilly:  No, you weren't Mom.

Rojo:  YES!  YES!  I WAS!  For a long time.  And I no you probably don't remember it, but I really, really WAS!

Reilly:  No, you weren't Mom.

Rojo:  YES!  I even had BOOTS!

SMART ALECK 10 YEAR OLD with the IQ which is incalculable in Roman Numerals:  Nope.  You weren't.

Rojo:  I DID!  I even had a hard hat!  With my NAME on it!

Reilly:  Oh, that's impressive.


She told me, right?

Oh no.

I walked away from the battle, already defeated.  Muttering under my breath, "ask your dad, he'll tell you what I did.  He WILL!"

I sulked.

And cowered.

And retreated to the den, laid on the couch and put folded my hands across my chest, and elicited the "damn" sigh of surrender.

That's were it ends.

I wish.

Ten seconds later, Reilly the Red appears from the corner of the couch and screams into my ear:






I gave her five.

Like, way to go.

Good job.


You're been drinking Tiger blood.

You're ready for law school.

I got told.

And I'm being the better man and letting the world know on her behalf.

Go get 'em, Girl.

You GO!


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