Monday, April 4, 2011

The Belle of the Ball


Somebody got married this weekend.

And as soon as she returns from the 'Moon', I hope to receive permission to post pictures onto the blog.

But I don't have to ask her if I can post pics of the SECOND MOST BEAUTIFUL lady in the house.

Cuz, she belongs to ME!

Her AMAZING updo with the gorgeous little diamondesque flower pins was done by another AMAZINGLY beautiful belle - Aunt Mermaidelicous!  And we gave her the credit, all night long, to all 185 people who told Reilly that her hair was BEE YOU TEE FULL!

Isn't she just absolutely STUNNING? No makeup.  NONE.

Sigh.  Not to be outdone, (oh nooooo, that could NEVER happen), the Captain got his hands on some 'booty' - here he is, hiding under a barstool, with not one, but TWO plastic sword picks.  Perhaps we now have TWO "Two Swords" in our family now?  


  1. She is so precious! Reilly the Red! She can be Reilly the Regal here.
    I am surprised that the Captain wasn't out on the dance floor with some older women! hehehe

  2. And what makes you think that he wasn't, @Jocelynn?