Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Me! Monday

At the children's chat at church yesterday, Pastor was NOT talking about parables.

He did NOT talk about the Mustard Seed.

Upon NOT mentioning the Mustard Seed, Captain Jake Sparrow did NOT very loudly blurt out:

"WHAT? There are NO seeds in MUSTARD! HA!"

To whit Pastor did NOT mistakenly further engage the Captain by NOT saying, "Well, as a matter of fact, MUSTARD certainly does NOT come from seeds. DON'T you know that?"


The Captain did NOT rebut with a very sarcastic laugh, as if to convey to our Pastor that the Sparrow was NOT far wiser by saying, "MUSTARD? From a SEED? Are you KIDDING ME?????"

Thankfully, Pastor did NOT move on to another parable.

Each and every Sunday, Billy Two Swords and I do NOT take a deep breath and close our eyes and bow our heads each and every time The Sparrow heads to the Children's Chat. No we do NOT!

Not us!

NO way!

Our son would NEVER do such things.




  1. Haha! I always love seeing what he says. too funny. I have been missing your posts!

  2. Ha! That is hysterical that you mention holding your breath during Children's Church because at Women of Faith this weekend, Nicole JOhnson performed a skit about how Mom's hold their breath during Children's Church and when the pastor asked her son who's book and laws we live by he answered "Rush Limbaugh".

    I love me some Captain Jake Sparrow!

  3. i do not know what the name of your blog means but have you ever heard the son poop in the potty by poopsmith. it is on my blog

  4. Welcome, Pam, Mom, Honey...

    The origin of my blog name can be found in the 2009 archive, it is the very first blog entry, and it is entitled New.

    I have not heard the song "Poop in the Potty" before, but I have a feeling if I listened to it, we just might be kindred spirits.

    Hope you come back and visit again!

    Hurricane Rojo

  5. Poop in my Pocket--great name! I clicked on over here from MckMama's blog b/c I liked the name so much! I just got some poop on my sweater from my infant...but that's not really what I wanted to say. I want to say this--Children's time at church is always my favorite b/c I get so tickled. My husband is a pastor and has trouble not laughing when he's up there. It's great! --Emily