Friday, February 10, 2012

No Greater Joy


This motley crue of mine, we live, we laugh, we love.

We suffer from time to time.

Who doesn't.

There is no sliding scale of suffering.  You don't get extra points for dropping a fire extinguisher on your foot than for birthing a spawn.  You either suffer -- or ya don't.

Right now?


We ain't suffering.

You might think we should be.

You might be.

But we're not.

We're living and loving and laughing.


And we find no greater joy than in giving, sharing, helping, and serving others.

No, you might not know that about us pirates, we Team Fallon.

'tis true though.

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  1. I like those words... Nice blog page. Feel free to check out mine.

    TGIF!!!! Enjoy the weekend!